Hilo Maile Lei - THIS LEI IS IN SHORT SUPPLY. It's especially sacred to the people of Hawai'i, only grows wild & must be harvested responsibly. Please only order if it's truly special to you. WE MAY HAVE TO SUBSTITUTE TI LEAF MAILE STYLE .

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Beautiful maile. Sacred to Laka, the goddess of hula, it is worn by those who honor her in the dance. She could assume the form of the maile vine at will, leaving the magical scent behind when she departed. 

Consequently the maile lei has long held great significance in traditional Hawaiian culture and is worn or used in some of the most sacred ceremonies.  In the Hawaii of today, maile  is still considered sacred and very special and is used in important events such as weddings, house or businesses blessings, graduations, promotions, memorials or retirements. 

It is a lightly scented (more sweet, earthy, spicy)  lei that can be dried and saved for years.  Please keep in mind that during graduation (June) this lei is in high demand and very difficult to get. SOLD OUT or very limited supply  - Please call for availability

Care: Maile is very durable.  It's best kept in a plastic bag or wet paper towel in the fridge. Do not let it freeze.

Life: Will easily last a week in the fridge and ships very well.

Fragrance: Mild lovely slightly spicey. A great scent for people who don't want florals.

Variations: Wrapping the maile with any other lei. Particularly popular to use are orchid, pikake and tuberose.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review