Maile Pikake Lei

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This is the classic wedding lei for men and some women.  The scent is amazingly lovely.

The tiny, fragrant pikake flower, however, is very fragile and often doesn't ship well so wrapping the maile with white orchid, tuberose or tuberose and white orchid mix are equally popular alternatives.

Shown here with HIlo Maile. Available for inshore purchase only during June.

Life:  The pikake is very fragile and will last only one to two days, the maile, a week.

Care:  The maile is our most durable fresh lei... the pikake is our most fragile... so keep the lei in a plastic bag in the fridge and touch it as little as possible until it's time to wear/give it.

Fragrance: Beautifully rich floral (because of the pikake)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review