Our Store 'Ohana (Family)

GAIL STRINGER  - Owner and Tita Nui





KI'APU WOLFE - Store manager and "Marge in Charge"




TERRY UEMURA - Travel Guru and everyone's husband


RINDY MOREIRA - Clerk and life saver

DINA MANATAD - Queen of Organization and aloha


BAILEY! - The perfect embassador of aloha

 Bailey has been sharing her sweet aloha with customers from keiki to tutus for the past twelve years.  She loves everyone and is a wonderful part of our store 'ohana. She's is posing as a golden retriever but really, she's a big angel in a really warm, furry coat.  Plenty folks come in just to see her and get a big dose of aloha in their day. 

And sliding in under the "child labor laws" KATE AND LANEY


And a whole host of aloha-ful people who kokua (help/pitch in) all the time!