About Us

We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to bringing the spirit of aloha and some of the  best of Hawaii's wonderful cultures to folks here on the mainland..

From crack seed to aloha shirts, poi to POG, honu plates to Hurricane popcorn, fresh leis to lomilomi or a ticket to the islands, you can find it all here!Since opening in 1998 we have had a strong commitment and connection to Hawai’i and it’s cultures.

We feel strongly about giving back to a culture and place that has given us so much.For that reason we are not only a store but also a cultural center where people can get connected to all things Hawaiian (and other Pacific Island cultures here) in the Pacific NW.

We maintain a wide selection of books, works of art and music that represent both current and ancient Hawaiian culture.  We also attend as many Hawai’i and Pacific Rim ho’olaule’a (cultural festivals) in this area as we can. At different times we offer ‘Olelo (Hawaiian language) classes, Hawaiian quilting workshops, Hawaiian book clubs, concerts from many of Hawaii’s wonderful entertainers and workshops by local artists. Everyday we refer people to local hula halu, canoe and culture clubs, entertainers and educators in the Puget Sound area.

Sometimes however, nothing will connect a person to that wonderful mana (power) of Hawaii, like being there.  For those folks, we opened a travel agency in 2005 and have a combined 90 years of Hawai’i travel experience. If you're headed to Hawaii let us help you find the perfect place to experience The Islands in your style.Whether  you’ve come here to find that special gift, foodie fix or to book a trip to the Islands we hope you enjoy our website! If there’s something you need but don’t see on our website please give us a call.

We simply can’t post it all!  And if you’re ever in Seattle please come on by to wala’au (talk story) and check out our vast selection. We’re happy to share some aloha, kona coffee and fresh plumeria flowers to bring sunshine to any kind of day! 


Gail and the Hawaii General Store ‘Ohana