Micronesian Ginger with Red Torch Ginger Lei

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The beautiful buds of the feathery ginger blossom are intricately woven and wrapped with red Hawaiian Torch Ginger petals in this wonderfully scented lei that lays flat.  Available for inshore purchase only during June.

Care: Keep it rolled up in it's container, in the refrigerator. About thirty minutes before putting it on or giving it away open it up and let it air out.

Life: Keeps four to five days in the fridge.  One to two days on a person depending on the number of hugs and length of time worn.  Just put it back in the fridge for the next day.  Let it hang to dry and the room will smell amazing.

Fragrance: Very fragrant, but milder than the tuberose

Variations:  Can be woven with other flowers for color accents: purple (orchid), red (torch ginger), pink (torch ginger), orange ('ilima) or green (ti leaf) accents.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review