Double Orchid Lei - White

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On this gorgeous "double" lei the blossoms are sown sideways giving the lei a fuller and thicker look.  It is available in a variety of natural colors (purple, white, green) as well as dyed yellow or blue (available only in the month of June). The "white" can vary in color from a very faint pinkish white to a very light green white to a pure bright white.  We have no control over which shade of white mother nature choose to have bloom at any particular time. The double orchid is a very hearty and long-lasting lei, worn for any occasion.  Its lack of fragrance also makes it perfect for those people with allergies or sensitivity to strong smells.  SOLD OUT or very limited supply  - Please call for availability

Care: Sprinkle with water or lightly mist before refrigerating. The lei should be moist, but not sitting in condensation or moisture.

Life: Five to six days. Ships very well.

Fragrance: Orchid: Little to no fragrance.

Variations: Colors: Purple, white, green, yellow, blue or combinations thereof.  Our apologies but the yellow and blue are available only during June.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review