Double Orchid Lei - Purple Dendrobium

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On this gorgeous "double" lei the blossoms are sown sideways giving the lei a fuller and thicker look.  It is available in a variety of natural colors (purple, white, green) as well as dyed yellow or blue (available only in the month of June). The double orchid is a very hearty and long-lasting lei, worn for any occasion.  Its lack of fragrance also makes it perfect for those people with allergies or sensitivity to strong smells.Available for inshore purchase only during June.

Care: Sprinkle with water or lightly mist before refrigerating. The lei should be moist, but not sitting in condensation or moisture.

Life: Five to six days. Ships very well.

Fragrance: Orchid: Little to no fragrance.

Variations: Colors: Purple, white, green, yellow, blue or combinations thereof.  Our apologies but the yellow and blue are available only during June.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review