Lei Po'o White (Wili style head lei)

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Made to be worn around the head, these beautiful leis are made with the wili (veelee) style of lei making.  This type of head lei have sometimes been referred to as "haku lei" but "haku" is actually a style of lei making that involves weaving/braiding greenery and flowers, rather than specifically a head lei. Available for inshore purchase only during June.

Lei po'o are very popular for weddings and graduations and festive occasions.  They "are one size generally fits all", tie in the back and come in white/green or multicolor/green. Both are lovely.

Call us if you have spacific needs or questions about this type of lei.

Care: Lei po'o are quite durable.  Keep them in their container in the fridge until ready to use. Its fine if they sit out for a few hours.  Just don't leave them in a sunny or warm spot.

Life: Will easily last three to five days in the fridge and ships very well.

Fragrance: Mild if any. A great option for people who want a lei but don't want it to conflict with the neckline of their outfit or other jewelry they might be wearing.

Variations: All haku leis will be slightly different depending on the flowers available we generally use all types of orchids, ferns, tuberose, baby's breath and other smaller tropical flowers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review