Maile-Style Ti Leaf Lei

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This lei, woven to resemble a traditional maile lei, is a less expensive alternative and used for many of the same events.  Maile is often unavailable so this lei is a beautiful substitute or stunning lei in its own right!

Care: Ti leaf leis are very durable.  It's best kept in a moist paper towel or newspaper in the fridge. They will have a slight medicinal scent if left for a day or two.  Just let the air out for about half an hour before wearing.

Life: Will easily last a week in the fridge and ships very well.

Fragrance: Mild lovely slightly earthy. A great option for people who don't want florals.

Variations: Can be wrapped with orchid, tuberose, and pikake flowers (starting at $65.00).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review